Thursday, 11 October 2012

First week of term 1

It was kind of busy days.
Because of changing timetable I have to go classroom everyday. But other side, it is good for study life. I think most of module is not only for accounting course. I can find finance or international business students easily.
The only weakness is, I have only one classroom. I don't know how other course is doing, but at least we have only one classroom for basic classes. Since we have many students including various course, I feel we need bigger other room :P

Aston uses Blackboard system for learing materials.
Every week, or when the lecturers feel it is needed, they upload learning materials on Blackboard system and students can access to them immidietly. It is very helpful for communication between lecturers and students.

Yesterday, there was a career fair at Lakeside centre. It is really useful for graduates or placement students. Hope the fairs like this will be held on here frequently. It is first year and final year for me!

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