Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you know there is postgraduate suite independently?

Actually I thought and expected that all master degree is performed at ABS centre and main building is for undergraduate studies. So it was disappointing thing a little bit.

Anyway, however, postgraduate suite located at main building can be accessed by only PG students.
Therefore, there is more silent than other place at main building.

Most of your master classes are performed in the classroom located at PG suite.
(except my classroom lol)
And most of classes is done with other master courses, so I can make more friend from other studies.

I hope I can study PhD here, and for that, first I have to do well in this exam!
During the undergraduate time, the exam is usually after Christmas and New year holiday so I have enough time to prepare exam, but now, the exam is the end of the semester.
It is so confusing, and other studensts as well.

The story is beginning with the PG suite and end with the exam schedule.. Anyway hope all studies are fine.!

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